Advanced Style; Ari Seth Cohen

Advanced Style

Perhaps a bit cliché, but I have been trying to read more lately. There is a great public library close by, so I’m determined to use it as much as I can. There are several topics of interest that I love to read – starting with fashion.

While reading an online fashion article, I found reference to the documentary Advanced Style, based on the blog of the same name by Ari Seth Cohen, which highlights the fashion and style of older people. I watched the documentary, and requested the accompanying books from my local library.

Largely photo-based with a few selected essays from the photographed subjects, the books were an easy and delightful read. I expected to come away with some interesting and new perspectives on fashion and style from the vibrant older people featured – which I did – but unexpectedly I also found a new perspective on my own body.

Each essay was filled with a joy for clothes and life. A celebration of their personality and their body – such positivity was inspiring. As one woman put it, “It’s great to have a body!” – it really made me stop and appreciate what I have. Many of the women were in their 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s – and celebrating their bodies with amazing style and outfits.

It was a great reminder that I need to appreciate my body, care for it, celebrate it – and to reclaim my joy of dressing. I can only hope to be as amazing as the women featured in Advanced Style when I reach that age.