OPI Nail Polish

A Pop Of Colour

So much of my journey is about finding how to love my body.

These past few years, I’ve largely stopped wearing makeup – not because I don’t want to, but because somewhere deep down, I felt I didn’t deserve to feel pretty. I know this needs to change, so I’ve started with nail polish.

In 2015, our family spent 3 amazing days at Disneyland. For the occasion, my daughter and I wore matching glitter nail polish – a touch of pixie dust for our magical adventure. Our little cheap bottle was enough for the trip, but it didn’t last much longer.

A year or so later, feeling sad about missing Disneyland, I decided to buy a bigger bottle of glitter nail polish, something I could wear all the time. I spotted the silver glitter ‘Make Light Of The Situation’ nail polish by OPI, and promptly wore it all the time – I only have a tiny bit left now.

I have a soft spot for that nail polish, it always made me feel happy when I saw my glittery nails – like pixie dust magic. So I recently decided to add a few more colours to my nail polish range.

Now, I have a small little collection of OPI nail polishes – even better, two of them were free via reward points! It was great to be able to treat myself without paying anything.

  • Significant Other Color
  • Cozu-Melted In The Sun
  • Bogata Blackberry
  • Happy Anniversary!
  • Princesses Rule!

Wearing nail polish is helping me to feel pretty again, and to feel good about looking good. My hands are in my field of view constantly, as I spend so much of my day either at the computer or on my iPad. A simple trick, but it has made a difference in helping me feel positive about my appearance. A small step on my road to body positivity.