One Month Later

One month ago, I wrote about making a choice. I didn’t elaborate on it at the time, as I wasn’t sure how long it would last. I marked the occasion as a reference point, so I could talk about it later when I felt the time was right – which is now.

Today marks one month since I went vegan. It wasn’t something I had considered over a long period of time, rather a random thought that popped into my head one day and it just stuck. I said it out loud to my husband, and he understood me completely, supportive as always. From that moment on, I’ve been vegan.

To be honest, the choice came from an angry, desperate place. I was struggling with my body, my diagnosis, and needed to do something on my own terms, to feel like I was in control. I hadn’t done any research, I’d never even been vegetarian before – so it felt like just the sudden, drastic choice I needed. It worked.

My first week, I got out vegan books and magazines from the library, researched local vegan brands, and just dove in head first. And one month later, I feel wonderful. I don’t feel at war with my body anymore – sure, I still have to take medication daily, and get regular tests for the rest of my life, but it doesn’t feel like a punishment anymore. Rather than a random crazy thought, the idea to go vegan now feels like an epiphany, and everything is finally falling into place.

Oh, and after ages trying to decide, I did get my hair cut – from reaching my lower back, it is now just skimming the tops of my shoulders. Yes, 2022 is definitely bringing big changes.