Villa Balbianello

Day One

I’ve recorded so many ‘day one’ starts over the years. January 1st, or that ever-present ‘I’ll start on Monday’ approach… waiting for some random day on the calendar to push me into action. Each time I was filled with determination. But here I am, starting over yet again.

Yesterday, my husband handed in his medical PhD thesis, the final result of four and a half years of full time study. I couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishment, and it is exciting to see the end of that hard journey and finally look towards the future.

Today marks day one of our next chapter as a family. My husband has his career journey planned out, our daughter working towards her career at university, and then, there’s me. Mom.

I got lost somewhere along the way. Supporting my family in their goals, I stopped working towards my own. Weight loss, blogging, sewing – it all got forgotten. I stopped taking care of myself, I stopped seeing friends. I hid away from the world.

So, as a start, I’m going to track my journey here, whatever that ends up being. Yes, weight loss is a goal, but more importantly the part where I find myself again. Learn to love myself, take care of myself physically and mentally. I’m excited to find out where this path will take me.