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Goals And Lists

January always brings about thoughts of goals, the year ahead just briming with possibility. My personal goals for 2022 were my health and writing. Still struggling on both, but then, that is the point of a New Year’s resolution isn’t it? Pick something you struggle with and want to improve on, instead of just choosing something you can check off as easily achieved one week in. So I guess that means so far so good?

As expected for early January, I’ve seen a fair few 2022 bucket list articles in my online browsing, and I enjoy seeing what goals other people want to achieve. With travel off the cards for many of us at the moment, it’s fun seeing how creative people are with life goals that don’t involve visiting some amazing far away place.

I came across a few articles in a row for the bucket list concept 101 Things in 1001 days – with links to the Day Zero Project website. I immediately dove in, scribbling down great goal ideas while wondering how I had never found this resource before. I excitedly decided to create my own 101 things list – so mark today as day 1 of 1001.

While adding some fun goals to my list, one unexpected find was the concept of the ‘reverse bucket list’ – Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved in my lifetime. Okay, challenge accepted.

  • Visit Rome – done
  • Go horseback riding – done
  • Speak in front of a crowd of over 100 – done
  • Run a half marathon – done
  • Meet an author of a book I’ve read – done
  • Be front row for a concert – done
  • Get an A in a class – done
  • Give an elephant a bath – done
  • And 93 more – done

I felt an amazing rush of positive energy as I added achievement after achievement to my list. Initially I thought I would struggle to even get half way through, but I did it. I wrote a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved in my lifetime. It was just the positive boost I needed, and I can’t wait to add even more things to that list. When I struggle with my current goals, I can take a moment to reflect on all that I have done, and keep moving forward.