Villa Balbianello


It is Saturday 1st January 2022 – a New Year.

After the year that was 2021, I could really do with a fresh start. I’m someone who just loves day one. The first day of school, Monday mornings, and of course, the ultimate day one – New Years Day. I love the optimism and opportunity that a new start brings, a blank page waiting to be filled.

As this blog is about self care and self discovery, I decided to pick a New Years resolution for each –

  • Self care – my health
  • Self discovery – writing

Every year, my resolutions and goals are predictably the same. It seems that life decided it was time for a change, and gave me a new challenge to tackle this year – my health. It takes precedence this year, with an urgency that my other goals have never had. I’m hoping that my determination in this aspect will have a flow-on effect on other resolutions.

I’ve been keeping some form of journal since I was 13, a quest given to me by a teacher who thought it would help my writing. I don’t know if it helped my grades, but a habit formed that I’ve never really been able to shake. From scribbling away in countless diaries, to the days of Livejournal and blogging, writing has often been my favourite way to express myself. While I doubt I’ll ever feel confident enough to call myself a writer, my creative goal for 2022 is be more consistent in my writing, and to stop letting self doubt get in the way.

Wishing you all the best for 2022 and May the Force be with you.