Sunglasses are such a fun accessory, an item that both protects and cares for your eyes, and adds such flair to an outfit. In the past, I have used sunglasses for basically two reasons –

  • I’m outside and want to protect my eyes
  • I’m outside and I want to hide my eyes

I used sunglasses to hide my eyes and face, and to hide the fact that I spend so much time at home, I squint a lot outside in the sun. I am trying to unlearn all my hiding techniques, and turn them into ways to celebrate my face and my outfit. To draw attention to, rather than cover up my features.

These two pairs of sunglasses are new additions to my wardrobe. A classic tortoiseshell pair, and a statement gold and burgundy pair. It took me a while to get used to trying glasses on, seeing how they look on my face – and feeling positive about it. It is such a hard path trying to rewire such ingrained thinking, learning to highlight, not hide, my features.

These sunglasses show my eyes – a decided choice, so that I can’t hide behind them. It’s time to smile and step out into the sunshine.