Adapt! Overcome! Persevere! - Carrie Fisher Quote


As a fan and collector of pretty stationery, it should come as no surprise that I also love pin boards. Mood boards, vision boards, motivational boards, or just a place to put bills and to-do lists, I have always used pin boards. As motivation, I have started gathering quotes, photos, and images to put together a journey board.

The very first thing I put on my board was an image of Princess Leia, with three words above her. Words that fit not only Princess Leia but Carrie Fisher herself – because she picked them.

A year after Carrie passed away, her brother Todd wrote a book about his life – My Girls, A Lifetime With Carrie And Debbie. I admit it took me some time before I felt emotionally ready to read about Carrie’s life and death, but it was a wonderful book – a great companion to Carrie’s own autobiographies.

Todd notes in his book that that Carrie had these words painted over her bed, inspired by the film Heartbreak Ridge

Adapt! Overcome! Persevere!

In looking up the scene in the film, the quote is actually a little bit different-

You improvise, you overcome, you adapt.

I like the word persevere more than improvise. Both are useful words for life, but ‘persevere’ feels so much more like Carrie. She faced so many battles, but kept going – something I admit I struggle with.

To persevere implies obstacles, to carry on despite setbacks and rough patches. Life isn’t always plain sailing, and Carrie had more obstacles than many of us – but she persevered. Just one of the many reasons I admire her so much.

It feels very fitting that the first pin on my board is inspired by Carrie Fisher. A daily reminder of Carrie and her legacy of inspiration through both her on-screen characters, and her own personal journey – while I begin my own.