Miss Dior Eau De Parfum

Miss Dior

A wonderful early Christmas gift from my husband – Miss Dior perfume. I have long admired the beautiful Miss Dior bottles every time I was out shopping, and now it’s finally mine.

After my recent hospital stay and diagnosis, I’ve had some time during recovery to reflect. My life is different now, so I’m finding new things to work towards, to look forward to. The adjustments to my day-to-day life have been a little hard, so my husband got me a gift I never did get myself – Miss Dior eau de parfum.

The amazing Natalie Portman been the official face of Miss Dior since 2011 – she is now celebrating 10 years of being Miss Dior. She is one of my style icons and inspirations, so of course I would love her Miss Dior perfume.

Around Christmas, all the perfume brands release special box sets for holiday gifting, so the timing was perfect. Dior has also reinvented the perfume for 2021 (which they do every few years) – the 2021 version has a slight change in the scent, the bottle, and the colour. My beautiful Miss Dior bottle is the new 2021 style with glittering ‘haute couture’ ribbon bow, pink perfume colour, and updated scent – it’s absolutely lovely.

The set also includes a small travel perfume, with the classic Christian Dior cannage pattern, all wonderfully packaged in a blue/white/gold Dior box with blue Dior ribbon bow.

It looks beautiful, it smells amazing, and it makes me so happy.