Cornwall Park - path

The Path Ahead

It’s weird how we get stuck in a rut sometimes. I know how to get fit – I know the path I need to take to reach my goals. But for some reason, I find myself settling down for a picnic on the grass instead of making my way down that path. Picnics are nice, but I’ll never reach the end of the path if I stay here.

I’ve reached my fitness goals several times – and it feels amazing. But that’s the problem, I keep reaching my goal and then stopping. I need to learn to keep going. I’ve run a few half marathons now, so I know how good it feels to stop running when you reach the finish line – but if I want to run another half marathon, I need to keep running, keep training, keep going, keep getting better.

This past year has been full of uncertainty and lockdowns, so it’s been all too easy to throw routine out the window. Blame my lack of progress on the world. But I have all the knowledge and tools to reach my goals. I just need to get up and run. The world has so much to offer, and so do I – I just need to get up and keep making my way down that path ahead.