The Art of Dressing by Tziporah Salamon

The Art Of Dressing

Having recently finished reading the inspiring Advanced Style books by Ari Seth Cohen, I was keen for more. Thankfully I found The Art Of Dressing by Tziporah Salamon – she is one of the amazing older women featured in Advanced Style. Here in her own book Tziporah tells her life story, her style advice, and also features some of her favourite stylish women.

Just as I hoped, the book was full of wonderful fashion and inspiring personal stories. Tziporah describes feeling lost about her career after many life changes, and finally finding her calling in the art of dressing. I saw many aspects of myself in her early story – a struggle with weight, direction, and purpose.

As a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have a career path to look back on for helpful suggestions for future direction. I found so much encouragement in Tziporah’s story, and her life-long interest in fashion that lead to her eventual career. I may not have a clear path in front of me, but I have renewed confidence to follow my heart for fashion.

Just like the wonderful stories in Advanced Style, Tziporah’s book has added to my eagerness to wholeheartedly embrace the art of dressing. Inspired by her advice, I have even added a new hat to my wardrobe!

Her story has also reignited my desire for unique wardrobe pieces, items that really speak of who I am. More importantly, it has helped me feel more confident about embracing my love of fashion. I know that fashion will play an important part of my journey, wherever that may lead me.